941 Tea House



Fresh Tea $4.10

(Cold or Hot)

Flavored Tea $5.15

*Recommend Green Tea. Also available with Black Tea and Hot Drink

Crazy Drink $6.00
(Included topping basil seed, aloe vera, herbal grass, flan)

Fresh Juice $5.55

Sugar Cane $5.90

Milk Tea $5.25

Latte $5.55

Taro Tiger Boba Latte $5.90
Matcha Tiger Boba Latte $5.90

Coffee $5.25

Brûlée Coffee $5.90

Hot Drinks $5.90

Yakult/Yogurt $5.55

Smoothie $5.90

Slush $5.50





Sugar Levels

Ice Adjustments

*Delivery service available upon request fee apply

Special $5.99

Vermicelli Pork BBQ $11.99
Combination Vermicelli $14.99
(Special grill pork combination noodle with egg rolls and pork ham sausage)

Appetizer $5.99

Corn Dog $6

Serve with Love

Whenever you want to enjoy a good drink in a cozy atmosphere, please think of 941 Tea House.

You won’t regret it for sure!